About Me

I am a web developer, multimedia producer, and musician who relocated to Las Vegas after growing up in Southern California. I'm also a geek, gamer, hot sauce drinker, Diet Mountain Dew vacuum, and notorious yo-yo dieter. The stuff I make are primarily websites/web apps, videos, and music.

I went to college at Cal Poly Pomona where I double-majored in Business Administration and Music. How I ended up a code monkey is a complicated and long story filled with drama, twists of fate, and serendipitous coincidences. It's a tale that rivals the story of how Ted Mosby met the future mother of his children, and would probably take as long to tell, so I won't get into it here (but you can read the abridged version if you want). Suffice it to say, after over 5 years of higher learning, my two degrees contribute only a minor amount to the career that provides my main source of income. The moral of my academia story is this: I should have just skipped college and created a certain social networking site. (Just kidding! I loved my time in college and miss those days....well, I certainly miss the parties.)

I am fascinated by the idea of systems in the universe being random, unpredictable, and chaotic. That is why I named my production company Entropy Entertainment. On a related note, I love movies like Jurassic Park, The Butterfly Effect, and (my all-time favorite) Back To The Future.

I am currently the Multimedia Editor at the Las Vegas CBS affiliate KLAS-TV where I do front- and back-end development for the 8 News NOW website. I also shoot photos and videos for stories, create accompanying charts and infographics, and occasionally write a news article or two when no one is looking. I regularly cover #VegasTech startups and Downtown Vegas news due to my love of those communities. I can often be found sipping on a PBR at The Beat or dining at Le Thai where even the highest level of spiciness is still not hot enough for me.

And Now For Some Random Facts

  • I am the leading half of the music production team The Beat Bumz. You can find me in the studio behind the mixing console or in front of the mic.
  • I own a Doberman mix that I adopted from the pound when he was about nine months old. I named him Kobe. Most people think he's named after the Laker, but I like to think he's named after the beef. Besides, how could you not love the phrase "Kobe the Dobie"?
  • I am left-handed in that I can only write/draw with my left hand. However, I do everything else with my right hand as my right arm is my stronger arm. I throw like a girl if I use my left arm. (No offense, ladies.)
  • I used to work as a caricature artist at Knott's Berry Farm. Upon learning of this, people always ask me to draw them.